ISSN: 1815-6770


Message from the editor-in-chief

Dear Authors and Readers!

The transport industry takes one of the leading places in the functioning of the entire world community. Water transport vessels play one of the most important roles in this industry, and the ship's power plant is the heart of any vessel.

The concept of our journal and the main focus of its articles are directly related to the development of the new scientific direction. This direction includes:

  • new methods creation for ship power plants and their component units designing;
  • study of the basic laws of working processes inside the all elements of the ship's power plant;
  • simulation of different modes of operation for all elements of the ship's power plant under various loads or modes of operation of the ship;
  • development of new ways to improve the operation efficiency of ship power plants.

We welcome all scientific works, regardless the person they were performed - by a famous professor or a young post-graduate student.

On behalf of the editorial board, I would like to wish new scientific achievements to all authors, and to feel satisfaction when receive the necessary knowledge in each of our new issues to our readers.

Candidate of Technical Sciences, Professor

Kolegaev M.O.