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Formatting article rules

The order of registration and submission of the publication for publication in the collection "Ship power plants"

Scientific and technical collection of the National University "Odessa Maritime Academy" "Ship Power Plants" is a scientific publication in which the main results of dissertations in the field of ship power can be published.

The article must comply with the rules of scientific articles and contain a statement of the problem in general and its connection with important scientific or practical tasks, analysis of recent research and publications on the topic of the article, formulation of goals (statement of the task), presentation of basic material, conclusions and prospects for further research.

The manuscript is submitted on electronic media in * .doc or * .docx format with a paper copy and abstracts in Ukrainian, Russian and English, no more than 2 MB in size, signed by all authors, with contact information: addresses, telephone numbers. The volume of the article is up to 0.5 of the author's sheet, taking into account illustrations, captions and abstracts.

A5 paper size (148 × 210) All margins - 16 mm. Text - after 1 interval, Times New Roman, 11 pt; tables, table headings, sub-image captions - 10 pt.

The first page of the manuscript should contain the following elements:

  • DOI index;
  • Full names of authors;
  • the name of the institution where the work was performed;
  • title of the article, e-mail address of the authors.

The title of the article should be designed in the style of Title 1, size 11 pt, without hyphenation, all capital letters, interval: before - 8 pt, after - 2 pt.

At the end of the manuscript is an abstract in three languages - Ukrainian, Russian, English, containing the full names of the authors, the title of the article, abridged content and keywords.

If the manuscript is not entirely in English, it is accompanied by an annotation in English of at least 1800 characters, including keywords.

Variables, functions, vectors, matrices, etc. are made out in a Latin font. Variables are executed in italics, vectors - in bold, without italics; Greek symbols - in all cases without inclination; indices: Latin - with a slope, Cyrillic - without a slope. Dimensions in Mathtype: main - 11 pt, enlarged - 16.5 pt, index - 7 pt, subindex - 6 pt. In all cases, the marking of formulas in a copy of the manuscript is mandatory. Only those formulas to which there are references in the text are numbered. Formulas are separated from the text by lines 2 pt high. All formulas must be typed in Mathtype. Units of physical quantities must comply with DSTU 3651.0-97, DSTU 3651.1-97, DSTU 3651.2-97 "Metrology. Units of physical quantities" and have common notation.

Tables should be placed on one page except when the table occupies more than 1 page. Title - 10 pt, without hyphenation, interval before - 8 pt, after - 2 pt, the main font of the table - 10 pt. The figures are separated from the text above by an interval of 8 pt, from the title - 2 pt. The name of the picture - size 10 pt, without transfer, the interval after - 8 pt. All tables and figures should be referenced in the text of the article in abbreviated form.

Illustrations that are prepared in graphic editors are added as separate files in the original format. The size of the inscriptions should ensure their readability (8-10 pt). For scanned images, the original is added to the ink on white paper of sufficient density. The back indicates the number and affiliation to the article.

Bibliographic descriptions must meet current requirements. References to literary sources in the text are made in square brackets indicating the source number.

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